Information On How Raising And Maintenance Of Quail To Produce Optimal Production

Information On How Raising And Maintenance Of Quail To Produce Optimal Production - Cultivation of quail is indeed much in interest by some people with the aim of production can produce eggs or meat to the maximum. The quail itself indeed belongs to the types of poultry are known to have many benefits.

When seen from the side of his effort this quail has a very promising opportunities in which the bird is in the maintenance we can benefit as a producer of high protein meat, quail farms should not be having place of business, quickly produce eggs in a relatively short amount of time, and it certainly is in this venture capital we spend can come back quickly.

Information On How Raising And Maintenance Of Quail To Produce Optimal Production

If in the view of the business side of this venture, many of which have developed breeding quail at a larger scale, given the considerable investments would generate a profit and return the capital with a relative short time, how to raising quail is indeed not too difficult, the following information about how raising and maintenance of quail to yield maximum production.

#.  Get To Know The Type Of Quail For Raising

Quail is indeed not a few types, we should adapt to the needs and conditions of the business area which we will use. As for other types of quail for diternakan is as follows:
  • Coturnix quail Japanica, the kind it had characterized with small body with blackish brown color.
  • Arborophyta Japanica, the type of quail in with great bodies with red colour schemes mixed with blue color brown.
  • Japanes Seatle, a type of quail that is mottled with dark brown color at the base of the head.
  • Taiwan or Chinese Quail, with characteristic dark brown colored mix of white and gray, while the quail females have dark plumage with a mottled gray. 
  • Quail Negro, this type of character is black with white spots on the chest.
  • The Silver quail, with white feathers with black eyes.

#.  Get To Know And To Choose The Good Quail Breeds

When we were about to start a business of quail farms, there are his good we know first how to choose a good quail seedlings so that the results we want can be optimally in accordance with expectations. To find out how to choose a good seed is as follows.

The Female Quail

On the female quail this should we see a good seed traits is no bulge at the cloaca, a red chest feathers are dark and brownish spots, striped or striped hiitam, a long shrill, eyes shining bright look with feathers shiny and not tangled, has a nimble movement, the age of quail on a six week already produce an egg, the egg weight of ten grams, and body weight after the age of six weeks between 110 to 160 grams. In general female quails with such characteristics are able to produce eggs with up with record food needs and ways of maintenance in accordance with the procedure.

Quail Males

Quail males if we look upon its characteristics, good seedlings election is a small mottled in cloaca, chest feathers brownish colored and plain, raucous sound and movement harder, quail, vivacious eyes look luminous bright and shiny fur not disabled, and does not tangle, on the back of the quail no dirt attached, age five to six weeks can already crowing lustily, and weight gain after age six weeks revolved around 140 grams. By choosing a good seed, then expect can produce a good productivity also.

#.  How To Maintain Breeding Quail

Quail farm has three main factors should be supplied, among others, is a proper cage and free from diseases, feeding, and the selection of quality seeds. In a third factor has been fulfilled, then the breeding quail this will result in an optimal production. The following information on how well the quail maintenance in order to produce the optimal production is as follows.

Make A Good Cage

Before creating a cage that is planned, there are a few things to note such as the location of the Ranch we recommend placing a farm far from the settlement, because quail are not able to live in a place that is too noisy, the temperature of the enclosure in General his match with quail, body temperature and the distance between farms with quail marketing should not too much, because it will take a fairly high costs in transport.

Quail cages we can make with ingredients that can easily like bamboo, wooden beams, wire gauze, etc. As for the size of the cage match with the scale, density enclosures need maintenance on the note and the cleanliness of the cages should be maintained, should be given a place to accommodate the dirt enclosure making it easy wipe.

Feeding Way

Feeding on quail farms need to be on notice, preferably feed given regularly three times a day namely morning, noon and evening, whereas in the morning before giving the feed clean food or drinks spot every his day.

The Awarding Of The Light

The awarding of the light very in need this quail, especially at night because of the cold weather, the granting of full light in need also on quail up to children aged 42 days quail

Observe The Behaviour Of The Quail For Disease Prevention

At his public by observing the behaviour of birds is important to quail in do, when there is quail are exposed to illness such as lethargy, appetite down, preferably on a separate from his group, because of the nature of quail is easy to pass disease in his group if not immediately in order to foster in his group of separate. We recommend that you give the vaccinations at the quail on a regular basis to avoid disease and generate optimal productivity

Half Of The Cuts At Quail

Half of the cuts on the quail this should do, because the quail have cannibals and dive bomb your friends until it hurt. To reduce the nature of cannibals on the quail should at a Coop not too solid content, the feeding of a reasonably good quality as well as quantity, mixing his drink with vitamins regularly to reduce stress on birds quail. Another way is with a beak cutting is done before the quail was two weeks, because it's easier in doing and the impact on injured is not so great. Beak cutting done by using pieces of chicken, half the size of the lower half of the section by 10% and the upper half of 8%, cutting half of the trust can reduce the sfat cannibals on quail.

Such information is a way of handling and maintenance of the quail to generate optimum production, as we know that in the business of breeding quail sebaikn his notice three main factors, namely determining a proper enclosure or location free from the disease, a regular feeding and selection of good quality seeds in order for the production of results in accordance with which we expect, besides the level of density of the contents of the quail in a cage must match considering the quail has the nature of cannibals. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.