Information On How To Determine A Good Location And A Complete Guide To The Freshwater Shrimp Aquaculture Pole Vault

Information On How To Determine A Good Location And A Complete Guide To The Freshwater Shrimp Aquaculture Pole Vault - In general the natural habitat of shrimp pole vault lived in freshwater waterways mainly on rivers and marshes which are connected with the sea.  Pole adult shrimp is ripe will move towards the mouth of the River to spawn. Shrimp egg pole vault already fertilization will be incubated by the female parent, at the time of the marriage the shrimp pole vault adults traveled toward the brackish water estuaries or half salty with the aim to incubate her eggs.

Eggs that hatch would be burayak or commonly called larva that desperately needs the brackish, if within three to four days burayak this pole shrimp will die. Larval Shrimp pole vault usually live in the estuary of the river for approximately 45 days, and going through a changing of the skin as much as eleven times. Next will be the last post larvae larvae or juvenil a shape is already similar to the adult shrimp with a size range from 1 cm.

Information On How To Determine A Good Location And A Complete Guide To The Freshwater Shrimp Aquaculture Pole Vault

After pole-sized shrimp 1 cm then the juvenil will move back towards the fresh water, in freshwater it will grow into a juvenil shrimp mature and ripen with age of about six months. During the enlargement process shrimp pole vault will experience the turn of the skin. In General his pole shrimp experience turn of the skin with a range 40-day period, with increasingly short time needed for changing of the skin, it will be the faster growth of the shrimp also the pole vault.

When we know the natural habitat for shrimps gala, then we can imagine what sort of process of cultivating shrimps gala, following information how to determine a good location and a complete guide to the freshwater shrimp aquaculture pole vault.

#.  Good Location For The Cultivation Of Shrimp Pole Vault

The cultivation of shrimp pole vault does require a decent location so that the results of production we want can be achieved. A location for the cultivation of shrimp this pole is on the lowland areas up to an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. For the creation of the pool should we select a slightly inclined soil conditions with soil type Sandy mud

The source of water is a major factor of success of the cultivation of shrimp pole vault, with a clean water well sourced from a river, Lake or spring water must be free from contamination, where good water conditions has a pH of 7.5 to 8.5, with have an oxygen content high levels of salt, as well as a maximum of 7.5 permil and water temperatures between 20 to 31 degrees Celsius. The condition of this water must be available throughout the year so that maintenance can be done on a regular basis and continuous.

#.  The Source Of The Seeds And How To Acquire It

Seed shrimp pole we can be in many different ways, one with nature on obtained from public waters are mainly river empties into the sea. Shrimp small pole vault usually stick to the weed, rivers, plants or rubbish in the river. We can catch shrimp pole vault using the seser or create traps that shrimp made of wood or bamboo twigs to in pairs at the mouth of the river.

In addition to capture the seed shrimp at the mouth of the River, we can also buy seed shrimp farmers to seed a pole which is currently widely marketed. The pole vault in shrimp seed can from his condition usually hatchery merchants more easily adapts to our pond, because the process of seeding they already use many artificial ponds in engineering resembles its natural habitat. But in this case we have to pay extra fees to get the seed shrimp quickly.

#.  The Way Of Cultivation And Maintenance Of Shrimp Pole Vault

Shrimp farming in the pole vault many factors that affect its success, many breeders who have experienced failure of pole shrimp because of his lack of facilities owned and understanding in the maintenance of pole shrimp. The following information on how the cultivation of shrimp and its maintenance pole.

Prepare Outdoor Cultivation

The pond should be in use in the cultivation of shrimp pole vault at least has a minimum of 500 square meters with a rectangular shape with a depth of 0.5 up to 1.5 meters. The slope of the base of the pool from the influx of water up to the disposal of 200 metres in length is then the difference in the depth of his is one meter high dykes, at least one meter wide and the top of dykes size equals the high dykes

When harvest time then gill net gillnet use bottom of pool can be made flat, whereas if the harvest time method using the drain water then we recommend the base of the pond in roving the ditches and create the place catching shrimp pole vault. The entrance and the door drain made of Board with width up to 20 cm, the door water dispensing can be either model the monik consists of two parts namely boxes and drain channels section. In the box in the install sieve and there are two line boards, whereas the core in the content of solid land to keep it from leaking. His water entrance should also in devices where the sieve to prevent entry of dirt, so that only incoming water at the bottom of the course.

Promised Seed And Maintenance

Before doing the promised seed, preferably a pond in dry for approximately 15 days to remove toxic compounds and accelerate the process of the mineralized remains of organic materials as well as eradicate pest diseases. During the process of drying ponds need to check again and make improvements, so that when the promised seed of the pool is completely ready in use. To support the growth of natural feed, we recommend a pole shrimp pond in do fertilization with organic fertilizer which is currently widely developed for land cultivation.

After the pond is ready for spreading seed, then we recommend the seed in acclimatization or environmental adjustments for 15 minutes with the clearing of half water and replenish with water of the pond has been in being prepared. The seeds should be promised solid match with an IE 10 tail up to 15 square metres on each tail. If the seed is already in the stocking then give a patron of coconut leaves, twigs of bamboo and leaves her other.

Additional Feeding Way

Additional shrimp feeding a pole preferably with a high protein content with size ranges from 20% to 30%. The pellets in his regular use are immersed in water, has aromas and flavours preferred by shrimp, not easily crushed and nonperishable, feeding amount based on the weight of the body of the shrimp with the range of 2% to 10% of the total weight shrimp per day.

Processing And Water Management

For the cultivation of shrimp pole vault so that produce optimum productivity, by doing water management, water quality needs to be on guard for maintenance is to replace the pool water daily with a capacity of 10% to 15% especially for 10 the first day after that quite changed as much as 5% water every day. If found the problem of lack of oxygen in pond water then the step taken is replacing some pond water with a new water

So the information about how to determine a good location and a complete guide to the freshwater shrimp aquaculture pole vault, hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.