The Complete Guide To Information About Plants Growing And Terms As Well As Lengkeng Nutrient Content In Fruit Lengkeng

The Complete Guide To Information About Plants Growing And Terms As Well As Lengkeng Nutrient Content In Fruit Lengkeng - Plant lengkeng (Nephelium Longanum) which included the familia Sapindaceae is a plant originating from China that temperate subtropics. This plant is known as the tree can be large and branched, with lush leaves of this plant can be long-lived, i.e. above 100 years old is still capable of producing.

The Complete Guide To Information About Plants Growing And Terms As Well As Lengkeng Nutrient Content In Fruit Lengkeng

The plant is a plant that lengkeng system perakarannya are spacious and have a taproot and has a strong woody stems, especially plants originating from seed so it is very resistant to drought and not easily collapsed. The leaves of this plant include compound where each leaf stalk has three to six pairs of strands of leaves, the shape is elongated, rounded tip rather pointed, it was flat, not fluffy, and its surface contains a layer of wax.
Lengkeng indeed renowned for his length with a fairly abundant fruit production, it is now an awful lot of plantation farmers already glanced at this plant to be developed in his plantation.

A Complete Guide About Plants Growing And Terms As Well As Lengkeng Nutrient Content Lengkeng Fruit Contained In:

#. Types Of Flowers Based On Lengkeng Plant Male And Female Flowers

Flower shaped panicle lengkeng that is located at the tip of a twig that is yellow or yellowish white, with a very small size. On the basis of sex, the plant can classify lengkeng into four types, namely:

1.   Plant that has Flowers Lengkeng Alone

Plants of this type has only lengkeng flowers containing stamens as male, this plant because it produces pollen pollen containing nuclei in the process of pollination.

2.  Plant Lengkeng which has female flowers Only

Types of this plant has flowers that contain a pistil (pistillum) as the female plant, this is because the fruit contains would have future seed (Ovullum) seta contain egg. This lengkeng plant when the pistil experience pollination and fertilization, then designate the fruit can grow into fruit and seeds will be the future seed

3.  Plant that has Flowers Lengkeng male and female flowers

Plants of this type with lengkeng in one tree there is a flower Stamen containing male and female flowers also have a containing pistil. So this kind of plant has a complete lengkeng Stamen and pistil.

4.  Plant Lengkeng Hermaphrodite

Plants of this type also lengkeng is almost the same with the third above lengkeng plant, but in plants have Flowers hermaphrodite lengkeng containing Stamen and pistil contains together.

Types of plants on the basis of the above type Lengkeng males and females, then can we know that is not necessarily in a single tree can bear fruit, this is because the likelihood of the tree has flowers only lengkeng males only or only have flowers females only. If we want to grow this lengkeng, should we search from kinds of lengkeng hermaphrodite, so the fruit can produce lengkeng later.

But we need not worry, because there is now the development of techniques which are already advanced, so that the problem can be solved already last fertilization by using green or system by means of grafting plants lengkeng SL type the hermaphrodite

#.  Types Of Fruit Plant Based Lengkeng

As you well know, that there are two types of plants that have been developed for lengkeng scale of current plantations, where each type of plant lengkeng have advantages of each. These two types of plants, lengkeng is as follows:

1.  Lengkeng Varieties Of  Stone 

Plant varieties of this stone lengkeng included superior type lengkeng, as for its fruit skin is somewhat coarse and colored light brown, the fruit is larger than other varieties, the fruit's flesh is thicker and is easily detached from the seeds, the aroma is more sharp and feels fresher, with several advantages above that cause the prices in the market are more expensive than other types of lengkeng fruit. But in every tree trunk lengkeng rock type, the number of fruit is usually less than with other types.

2.  Lengkeng Varieties Kopyor 

Plant varieties this Lengkeng kopyor many also in empower the farmers even though the price is lower, as for kopyor type lengkeng fruit based this is a subtle fruit skin is brown yellow fruit flesh, somewhat difficult to escape from the seeds, the number of fruit each malainya very much and is capable of producing excellent fruit in the areas with an altitude of 950 meters above sea level.

#.  Nutrient Content In Fruit Lengkeng

Lengkeng fruit as we know it can be consumed directly as fresh fruit, and can also be produced in cans and more. On fruit lengkeng has rich mineral content of calories and nutrition in addition to vitamin C, the following nutrient content information on a scale measuring lengkeng fruit per 100 grams of fresh fruit with a comparison of 100 grams of dried fruit.

Nutrient content with 100 grams of fresh fruit lengkeng is, Energy of 71 calories, Water of 81 grams, Protein of 1 grams, Fat of 1,4 grams, Carbohydrates of 15,6 grams, Fiber of 0,3 grams, Ash of 1,0 grams, Calsium of 23.0 mg, Phosphorus of 36,0 mg, Iron of 0,4 mg, dan Vitamin C of 56,0 mg.

Nutrient content with 100 grams dried fruit lengkeng is, Energy of 256 Calories, Water of 26,7 grams, Protein of 4,3 grams, Fat of 0,5 grams, Carbohydrates of 65,9 grams, Fiber of 1,7 grams, Ash of 2,6 grams, Calsium of 32.0 mg, Phosphorus of 117,0 mg, Iron of 4,4 mg, Sodium of 48,0 mg, Potassium of 658,0 mg, dan Vitamin C sebesar 34,0 mg.

#.  Requirements Of The Crops Grow Well Lengkeng

There are some requirements to be able to grow crops lengkeng well, in some cases this might not apply, but most are in accordance with the conditions of growing. The information requirements of the plants can grow well lengkeng is as follows: 

1.  Location Height In Measure From Above Sea Level

Plants can grow and produce lengkeng fruit well is with an elevation between 300 up to 900 meters above sea level, so a lot of us come across plant plantation lengkeng in high areas. On the low land this lengkeng plants can grow well, but most plants can't produce this lengkeng fruit with good compared on the plateau.

2.  Soil Structure

This lengkeng plants can grow and produce fruit in well with soil texture, soil ph between 5.5 up to 6.5. The smooth texture of the soil is usually a soil that is composed mostly of dust, clay, or sandy ground.

3.  Climatic Conditions

Plants can grow well lengkeng in areas that have a type of wet climate, climate rather wet type, and the temperate types. Determine the type of climate that we can see in the formula in the suggested by Schmidt Fergusson, i.e. the comparison between the average number of months is dry with an average number of wet months expressed in percentage.

4.  Environmental Conditions 

Plants can grow and produce lengkeng fruit well in an environment that is open or not in the block by other trees, this is because the plant grows to lengkeng both badly in need of sunlight throughout the day.

Thus information on crop growing and terms as well as lengkeng nutrient content lengkeng fruit found on, so we can find out the benefits of our usual lengkeng fruit consumption. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.